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How to layout a miter on duct work to create an offset.

Miter Allowance (square or round pipe)




  In plain english the formula states, to find the measurment of (M) we take the (offset) x (the height of the duct or pipe) and than divide that answer by the length of pipe you need. Remember to do the length between the duct first and than add for the overlap or in the S-Slips & Drives.

Above is an example of an offset beneath the floor joist and how the above formula would apply.

Below is the formula worked out. We've taken a typical situation, however it applies to all offsets. you do want to becareful and use radius offsets where possible.

Another thing to keep in mind as you can see with the figures below, you will many times come up with a fraction that will be way out of line as for field measuring, reduce to the nearest 16 th of an inch.




Below we show the same offset in radius form, this is preferred. The radius offset is drawn with a 1 to 1 ratio.
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