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Triangulation - Applied To Sheet Metal Pattern Cutting
By F.S.Kidder 1917 (Click Here)

Press -Working Of Metals by Oberlin Smith (1913) A treatise upon the principles and practice of shaping metals in dies by the action of presses, together with the description of the construction of such implements in their various forms, and the materials worked in them. (Click Here)
Metalworking by Paul N. Hasluck (1907)
A book of Tools, Materials, and Processes for the Handyman (Click Here)
The Boilermakers Assistant by John Courtney (1901) 6th edition
Drawing, templating, and calculating boiler work and tank work (Click Here)
Elbow Patterns For All Forms Of Pipe by F.S.Kidder
A Treatise upon the elbow pattern explaining the most simple and accurate methods for obtaining the patterns for elbows in all forms of pipe made from sheet metal. Orginally published in 1912 (Click Here)
Furnace Heating by William Snow 1900
A practical and comprehensive treatise (at least from 1900) on warming buildings with hot air. I'm including this book in our library for the appendix at the end which covers Furnace Fittings. (Click Here)
The Art of Coppersmithing (1893) by John Fuller, Sr.
A practical treatise on working sheet copper into all forms. Release date will be Jan 1st. 2005 Click Here
Steel Squares by Hodgson 1890 Click Here

The Metal Worker Pattern Book (1881) Click here

Modern Sheet Metal Workers - Instructor (RARE - HARD TO FIND)

Modern Sheet Metal Workers "Instructor"

(1906) By E.A.Atkins

See Book Here

A Treatise on Sheet Metal Pattern Drafting (1901)

A very comprehensive course on sheet metal layout. Covers many different areas which include not only architectural drawing for the subject but goes into great detail on the different forms and orders. This book and index also includes plates and practice sheets that date back to 1893. This book is a great way to learn and understand pattern development and why it's done this way.

Kinks (Volume One)
Published by The Sheet Metal Publication Company and edited by William Neubecker (1918). Introductory. The collection of methods presented in this little volume has the merit of proceeding directly from the experience of busy sheet metal workers the country over. "Kinks" is a medium of exchange for original methods and expedients for facilitating work, devised by practical sheet metal tradesmen and used by then with satisfaction in their own personal experience. Click Here

Mensuration For Sheet Metal Workers

A 1912 William Neubecker Classic, math for the sheet metal worker.Enjoy another great book by William Neubecker. Click here
Practical Sheet and Plate Metal Work
Just short of 500 pages, this book is a classic from 1908 written by E.A.Atkins (Click Here)

Modern Engineering Practice (1902-03)

This 1 Vol. (Vol. 10) Mechanical Drawing (Click here)

Sheet Metal Pattern Drafting and Shop Problems Trade edition 1922 by J. Daugherty

Essentials Of Sheet Metal Work and Pattern Drafting 1918 by J.Daugherty.

Laying Out For Boiler Makers and Sheet Metal Workers 1921

The Best of William Neubecker

Practical Sheet Metal Work and Demonstrated Patterns / Automobiles and Sheet Metal Boats (1912) 148 pages

The Universal Sheet Metal Pattern Cutter Vol. 1

The Universal Sheet Metal Pattern Cutter Vol. 2, 1922 (400 pages)

Practical Sheet Metal Duct Construction, 1920


All Ebooks require adobe reader to open and view. If you need the reader please go to the Adobe website and download your free reader.



What Is Tin Plate
A breif explaination of designations and terms used in classifying tinplate.
An Instruction Course for The Apprentice By I.C.Vanasdal
The A-B-C of Sheet Metal Working Machinery Application by L.Broemel and others
Shop Sketches
(Not what you think, Shop Sketches are old lessons of wit, written in story form. Written and featured in early issues of Sheet Metal Worker. You will learn sonething here for sure)
Other Great Pattern Lessons
Structural Details of Cafeteria Equipment ,Laying Copper Roofing and Gutters, The Making of Steel Pitch Barrels and more.
Hvac articles from yesteryear, with many lessons!
There are many lessons that can be learned for those interested. It took awhile and many trial and error installations to understand the different ways how to treat the hot air that rises and colder air lays low and to make them work together within the system...There are still many gravity furnace systems being used today.
Old Stories
Old Ads of the Industry
Educational and Learning Material
Old Tools
Triangulation Problems and Solutions / Print and Practice (click here)
How many feet of seam with one bar of solder?
Crazy Ad (or not so crazy)
A Great Story Paul_Revere
Pexto Machine and Tools for Sheet Metal Workers
(Catalog #35A)

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 or

Part 1 Zip / Part 2 Zip / Part 3 Zip

Pexto Machine and Tools for Sheet Metal Work (Handbook) 1922 (Catalog #20A)

Chicago - Dreis Krump Mfg Co.
Universal Box and Pan Bending Brake -
BB 316 - BB 216 Instructions and parts list (Click Here)

The Brown Boggs Foundry & Machine Co. This download is 163 pages strong of graphics and machine discription. A real lesson of the many "Lost Art Ways". They no longer make the sheet metal line that we use, however, they are still in business today! Click Here

The F.H.Lawson Co - Catalogue 100 - Pieced and Stamped Tinware - Japanned and Galvanized Ware - Sheet Metal Products (Click Here) 81 pages of good stuff they used to manufacture?

Niagara Machine and Tool Works (Catalog No.56) This catalog covers older shop equipment and sheet metal production machines such as power presses, punch squaring shears, rotary shears and more.

Niagara Machine and Tool Works Part 1 of 3

Niagara Machine and Tool Works Part 2 of 3

Niagara Machine and Tool Works Part 3 of 3



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